About Adenium Colours

We love the beautiful colours and multi-petal varieties of Adeniums being grown in recent times.  No longer are we confined to single pale pink varieties.

Adenium colours are notoriously difficult to reproduce by seed propagation. Every plant and its flowers will be different, and very often nothing like the flower in the pretty picture which advertised the seeds. Only a very small percentage will have the same characteristics as the parent plants.

I have grown thousands by seed, waited patiently for flowers (which can take anywhere from 6-24 months) only to have many of the resulting flowers be PINK.

Fortunately I have been able to grow a large number of desirable colours and multi-petals ranging from the almost black deep crimson, yellows, mauves, purples, double and triple reds and  pinks and all types of stripes and borders.

The only sure way to reproduce a particular colour or multi-petal is by grafting a scion from a desired plant onto an obesum rootstock.

Rest assured I will not sell you an Adenium plant unless I can guarantee the colour of the flower.